RIP Brooklyn
Saturday, Jan 31,2015

We adopted this wonderful dog from you on March 10, 2005 as Dutch. He was 6 months old and we fell in love with him immediately when we met him at an adoption event. He was the most soulful dog we have ever known. And the handsomest as you can see! He was ten years old and nobody knew it! He played and looked like a four year old! No grey on his muzzle.

Bright and always ready to play. Never far from us. Always cheerful and engaging. He had a good life full of activities and friends and family who loved him dearly. He was almost never alone as we work at home and we took him with us everywhere we could. Even on vacation.

Fortunately, he was only sick for a few weeks. He died of pancreatic cancer. We wanted to let you know and to thank you for his life.