Ripper Is Quite The Traveler!
Monday, Dec 20,2010

I just received the 2011 GSROC Courage calendar as a gift from my boss and it prompted me to send update pictures of our family member, Ripper, formerly known as Reggie.

We picked him up the day before Easter in 2008. Anyway he is such a great dog and we love him dearly. My husband stays home to take care of my son and so Ripper gets lots of cuddle time with my husband every day while our 9 yr old is at school.

They have traveled to a lot of beautiful places together and I thought I would send some photos.

I thought it would be nice to let you know how much we love Ripper and that he is a important part of our family and we are grateful to have him and thank his foster mom for caring for him until we could bring him home.

It is wonderful work that you do at GSROC and thank you to all the foster parents out there!