Rock Is Doing Really Well!
Thursday, Feb 14,2013

A quick update on the visually impaired German Shepherd Rescue (Rocky) who you re-homed with us last summer.

Attached please find a picture of Rock (we only call him Rocky when we are upset with him… most often when he is chasing our cat). He has learned the art of patience, sitting and manners when a treat is involved. He learned it from his big sister Morgan who is to his left in the picture. She is the master of treat solicitation. Rock also enjoys wrestling with his pesky little sister Meeken. Rock has the best manners of our three German Shepherd. Rock follows my wife everywhere, and twice a day will come up and give a big unsolicited, slobbery kiss to remind her of how glad he is to be part of our family.

His eye condition continues to improve… the improvement is most noticeable in his navigation. We take him to the ophthalmologist every three months, and he get drops twice a day.

I noticed on GSROC face book that “Donovan” is in need of extensive medical care. You can count on our support until Donovan is fully recovered.