Rocky Adjusting Well To His New Life
Monday, Mar 19,2007

Rocky is adjusting well to his new life with us. On our daily walks he is showing much improvement on the leash. He loves the squeaky tennis ball that we got for him, and will look for it and fetch it or other tennis balls for us to throw when he is in a playful mood or when he is asked where his tennis ball is. Every weekend we take a drive down to the beach with him and Autumn. He cannot wait to get into the car both going and returning. There are great pathways close to the ocean where we can walk the dogs. Rocky does extremely well with strangers who approach him when we are away from home. One fellow came up to us when we were relaxing at a picnic table near the beach and spoke to Rocky and even kissed him when saying good-bye. We had him (and Autumn) groomed a while ago, and he is eating quite well, so he has gained weight and is absolutely gorgeous. Both dogs love to be brushed and each is impatient for his/her turn. Autumn has become bolder now that she has a big brother, and also more playful. To observe Rocky’s growing trust, loyalty, confidence, and contentment is truly heartwarming. He’s a lovable, precious boy.