Rocky Is Spoiled, But He’s Earned It!
Wednesday, Mar 23,2011

Rocky is so perfect for Elizabeth it’s almost scary. Simply put, he’s settled into quite a balance of companion and protector; super affectionate, very fun and active, and also calm/content to be by her side for hours while she works here at home. I sure am attached to him, too.

He gets lots of activity, since he insists on clearing the property of rabbits, etc. at least six times a day. He’s a joy to watch as he sprints across this property at full speed in hot pursuit. It’s really fun when there’s no prey; he just takes off and does a couple of sprints just for fun.

He also has zero separation anxiety when left alone. While he makes it very clear he wants to go with us everywhere, he seems to catch up on his rest and is calm while we’re gone.