Samantha & Tootsie Doing Great!
Monday, Nov 27,2006

The girls are doing GREAT! They love running in the yard and chasing after each other. They both got a bath after that. We went on a walk yesterday and they were sooo excited. They have to go out to potty a few times a night but they are still getting used to their new home. They were both very good in the car. Tootsie did barf a little on my sleeve (Julianne) but that’s okay (I used to get car sick on long rides too). We are going to keep their names. We have been trying to get pictures of them but, every time we try to take one they jump up and run towards us trying to lick our arms and faces. I guess we need to be more sneaky. We WILL get some pictures to you soon. Thanks again for the nice talk and wonderful babies.