Saxon Is Doing Great
Tuesday, Dec 19,2006

We had to take him to some extensive training as he was not listening and attacked a little dog. Since the training he is so much better. I can handle him on walks now. He is still dog aggressive especially with small dogs but I really think he is afraid. With the training we can control him even when there are other dogs around as we make him sit and down. The trainer said he was too heavy for his health so we put him on a diet and exercise him a lot. He looks really healthy. We had to put our older dog Jazz to sleep after 16 yrs. Her hips were really bad. It was really hard to do.

We decided to buy a little boston terrier puppy two weeks ago and Saxon adores her. She is only 5 lbs and he is 75-80lbs. She lies on him and cuddles with him. It is so cute. Casey is afraid of her. Will send some Christmas pictures of all 3.