She is my constant companion, both on and off the road…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

Dear Friends at German Shepherd Rescue,
Dakota has made such an impact on my life. When I agreed to foster (you may remember she was named Petra at the time) her I really had no intentions of keeping her, I really had my heart set on an older dog. Something happened though, one evening she came to me and laid her head in my lap as if to say “I trust you.” and I knew I could never part with her. I felt she needed a new name to start her new life and I settled on Dakota, which is a Native American word meaning “friend”.

Over the last several months she’s come out of her shell and proven to be a sweet natured, gentle, loving little girl. She’s laid back and mellow, but also has a playful streak and absolutely LOVES to chase a ball. When she goes to bed she sleeps with “Barney”, her little stuffed bear. She loves everybody and adores children. It never ceases to amaze me when we go out somewhere people seem drawn to her, even people who are nervous around German Shepherds just fall in love with her.

She is my constant companion, both on and off the road. My friends and family expect it now, if they see me, Dakota will be there too. In fact if they don’t see her they wonder what’s wrong. My parents refer to her as their “grand daughter.” She’s wiggled her way not just into my heart, but many others as well.

At night she is my heating pad. She jumps up on the bed with me and I fall asleep petting her.

Things worked out for the both of us. She found her home, and I found a friend for life.