She is the best dog!…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

Just a quick update on Sophie’s (formerly Olena) adjustment. She is the best dog! She already has her entire routine figured out, and I don’t need to keep her leashed in the house or yard anymore. She knows where her two beds are, and is content to lie in them and chew dog bones when we are not engaging her. She knows the right spot in the yard to go potty, and that cats are not playthings. I’ve been using the spray bottle for mouthing, and she gets it right away. One spray and she stops the behavior immediately. She hardly ever jumps up, even on Antonio. I’ve been using the methods in the book, and they really work. She loves all the children she has been around, an has accepted Duffy and Cheyenne as her pack. She is very happy and well loved and we are so glad that she has joined our family.
Thank you so much for this beautiful puppy!