Talia, Our Hero
Friday, May 05,2006

This morning we heard Talia barking frantically. It wasn’t like her normal bark when she tries to control the ravens (she’s our alpha). We know she was trying to alert us.

I looked outside and she was barking at their water dish and holding all the other dogs off. My first thought – snake. That’s what it was. I let her keep the other dogs away while we got them in the house and kept telling her not to touch it and she didn’t. Then we brought her in and praised her.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a harmless gopher snake, but she didn’t know that and neither did we at the time. She was protecting her pack from danger.

Just had to tell you how proud we are of our sweet girl. We just celebrated “Talia Gotcha Day” – we had her one year on April 24th and we couldn’t love her anymore than we do – she’s such a special girl. Thank you for rescuing her and letting her be our forever girl.