Tate – The New Ladies’ Man In Town…
Tuesday, Sep 05,2006

Things have been quite crazy here since returning from Europe. Having us adopt him before leaving was a great idea. We knew Tate had adapted well, because he was so excited when we returned that he spent a considerable amount of time telling us all about his 2 weeks alone at home.

Tate has really revealed his true nature. He is part alarm clock and part crazy dog. Every morning (including weekends), he very politely “notifies” me (wet kiss) that it’s time to get out of bed and go for a walk. There is no escape. After the walk, he turns into “crazy dog”. This includes some wrestling and playing catch (by himself). That’s right, he will pick up a toy or bone and fling it into the air and try to catch it. I have never seen, or heard of, a dog doing that before. It’s quite hilarious.

In terms of joining our family and our lifestyle, he’s come so far from the shy dog we brought home. He runs 2-3 miles a few times a week with Traci on the beach. Every Friday, I now take him to work and he is quite popular (kind of a ladies man if you know what I mean). He’s doing extremely well in his obedience classes. Definitely the best (and most handsome) dog in his class (in our opinion).

Even though he’s only been with us 6 weeks, we can’t imagine life without him. Tate is part of our lives and we are so happy that we are able to give him the home he deserves.

Thank you for helping connect us to him. Your organization is doing a great service for both the dogs and the homes that they join.