Thank You For Mazy (aka Rommie)
Thursday, Mar 08,2007

What a sweetheart we have in our midst! When I first met Mazy, she was ‘owner searching’, not giving us the time of day and staring off into the distant street hoping to see a previous owner. Poor gal, I was told that the more intelligent they are, the more confused they are by being given up for adoption. Lucky for Mazy, the people of GSROC were there for her and nursed her back to health. Although she was an owner-relinquished girl, I am sure someone out there misses this incredible dog.

She is protective, makes me feel very safe when I am alone, and especially when I am jogging in the dark part of morning. Woooo-hoooo! She frees me from that gnawing dread that someone might attack me, making me another grim statistic. I am jogging more regularly now.

From protector to love bug, Mazy gives my young girls and me the best hugs!!!!! She is easy to snuggle up to and gives affection so calmly and unconditionally. I can’t think of a better companion or addition to the family.

Happily, she no longer ‘owner searches’ because she knows that we love her and are her family now. Thank you for my Mazy, adopting her was a smart choice.