“Thanks Dad…Now How Do I Chew It??”
Saturday, Nov 05,2011

Gibbs is amazing and things are going well. He has to be one of the smartest, calmest, mild temper puppies I have ever experienced. Everything went great getting him on Saturday morning, we had a nice chat with Sherri about handling him, some training do’s and don’ts with him etc.

Gibbs is great with Duke. Duke, however, is not great with Gibbs. They don’t fight, they are just not buddy buddy yet. Gibbs doesn’t push it with him, if Duke growls Gibbs walks away and grabs a toy to play with.

We were so pleased when he army-crawled to an infant with his head on the ground at Petco last night and how great he is with Laurie’s nephew who is 6 years old. He is just an amazing puppy.

We are going to enroll him and Duke in puppy school for social purposes. Gibbs already knows his basics: come, sit, down, off and how to use the doggie doors. Thank you again for helping Laurie and I find our newest lifetime friend.