Thanks for all you do at German Shepherd Rescue!
Wednesday, Mar 08,2006

Oh my gosh, I can’t tell YOU how happy I am with Stryder. I never imagined that I would ever get another dog anytime soon, but somehow Stryder just crawled his way into my heart without me even realizing it.  I don’t know what it is about him or what he did, but he just completely stole my heart and means everything to me.  He is such a special boy that when I decided I was going to keep him, it put tears in my eyes to think how lucky I was now that this special boy is actually going to be a real part of my family.  He just makes our whole family so happy.  Every time I look at him, I can’t help but to smile because he just fills my heart with so much joy.  I love everything about him (even his walk, my mom thinks is so cute) and everything he does, like the way he always tries to initiate play by trying to make us follow him into his play room (we set aside play time for him every day to do his favorite thing which is to play ball of course), it’s the cutest thing.