Thanks for rescuing this little guy, he is so precious
Friday, Apr 07,2006

Just wanted to say Max (Quinby) is doing great! He was so good during his ride home. He wanted to sit with Becca and me, he loved looking out the window to see what was going on. We got him a gold bone with his name and phone number engraved, new collar and bed yesterday. We went to two Costco’s yesterday and they don’t sell the pillows at this time! So we spent way too much, but got a really nice pillow at PetsMart for Max. We let him test each pillow to see which one he liked-he is so cute-of course you already know that :). He got special attention from everyone at PetsMart and he even made friends with a customer and their floppy eared bunny. Max told the bunny, “your ears are bigger than mine!” The couple was at the store buying a cute carrier for their bunny who they had on a leash :).

I was looking forward to waking up a few times during the night to let Max out, but he slept through the whole night! We put his pillow in the crate and he went right into it. The crate was in our bedroom with us and April. As he grows and knows his surroundings he will not have to be in the crate at night.

Take care and thanks for rescuing this little guy, he is so precious.