The Three Musketeers
Sunday, Dec 03,2006

Here are 2 photos of the 3 Musketeers. The Photo that I took in Stephen’s room was just using the camera flash instead of the external bounce flash that I would normally use, but since it was a Kodak moment I didn’t want to miss the shot. It was dark in Stephen’s room as he had the blinds closed and the curtains drawn. Nixon was catching up on some sack time has he had a very long day yesterday but did really well on the trip. Sophie and Nixon both slept well last night.

Sophie is a real sweetheart and she has been settling down quite a bit since we brought her home. She has lots of lost time to make up for with being a pup and just plain having a home and a family who love her, so we understand if she may get a little rowdy. I think she will continue to settle in and she’ll be just fine.