Tina’s First Time At The Dog Beach!
Sunday, Aug 09,2009

She is doing really well, and we are so very happy that she chose us to be her family! She is getting a lot more comfortable around strangers, and has accepted our friends’ 13-year old son as one of her “brothers” (Victory – hooray!)…we still muzzle her just to be safe when unfamiliar people come to the house, though. She’s getting better with other dogs – they’re more of a curiosity for her now; she had her first trip to Dog Beach & she loved it! We kept her on the leash, and she seemed like she wanted to play with the other dogs, but when they came over to say hello, she would Velcro herself to George and go into defensive mode. Not sure if it was a response to overstimulation or if she thought she needed to protect him, but we are making progress, nonetheless!

Other aspects of her personality have come out as well – she’s a real HAM!!! Belly rubs are her favorite, and she’ll roll over & smile when she gets them! Ask her if she wants to go for a walk, and she’ll run towards you full blast, hydroplane on her belly, then roll over & put her paws up! She hides in the closet every night when the Disneyland fireworks go off, or if there’s a thunderstorm; and has found a nice comfortable sleeping place on our daughter’s bed.

Anyways, just thought I’d give you a status update on her- like I said, one step at a time with her, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We love this girl so much, and are very happy she came to us!