One Nation Under Dog documentary
Thursday, Jun 21,2012


There has been so much hype in the rescue and dog world about this documentary on HBO, I knew I would watch…but I knew I had to prepare myself…whatever that means.
My friend, my mentor, and the founder of GSROC sent out an email that it was an important watch, so I prepared faster. (whatever that means)

A few days later, I still hadn't watched it, and she said this:

Knowing that it would be painful, I forced myself to watch the entire HBO documentary, “In Dog We Trust.” I strongly recommend that anyone in the rescue community do the same. Yes, I sobbed out loud during parts of it, but it strengthened my resolve to do more for the dogs that are waiting–alone and afraid in shelters all over the country. If everyone can give just 10% more of themselves or of their resources, surely we can help put an end to the tragic fates that so many beautiful dogs suffer every year. I would love to see this subject turned into a weekly show to open more eyes and, hopefully, more hearts. As the saying goes, “The sadness I feel looking into the cages can't possibly compare to the sadness of those looking out.” Watch the show, even though it's a tough subject to handle. -Maria Dales

I watched it. It was as horrible as it had to be, and I loved it. I watched it two days ago. I thought I had recovered enough to write this, but I am already crying again. While I was watching it, my husband who is completely used to me crying over animals and who is completely comfortable ignoring me while I do so, actually stopped the show and asked me “Are you ok?”. So, yes… I was sobbing…but I was also so strangely RELIEVED that it was out there for everyone to see, on HBO. See! This is what I have been trying to tell you! I know you don't want to talk about it at your kids birthday party, or at the beach, or at the grocery store, but I can't help but talk about it because I have seen it, and now you have. And now you know it is too horrible to make it go away by turning away and you KNOW it is too important to not do anything.

We can fix this. If you haven't watched it, watch it, cry and then help. I will watch it again, and I will keep talking about it.