Allie’s Birthday Fundraiser is a great success!
Wednesday, Mar 01,2023

We are so lucky to have a volunteer this young and so dedicated to the dogs at GSROC! Meet Allie – an 8 year old who celebrated her 8th birthday. Rather than having a standard party – she asked for donations (either monetary or items from the wish list) instead of gifts. A wish list was printed on the back of the invitations.

When each child/guest arrived, they got to choose their favorite stuffed dog from the pen, then make a collar & name tag (some even made leashes), decorate a dog house (made from large white paper favor boxes with a door cut out), &, lastly, receive an adoption certificate! GSROC volunteers also came to share what a rescue does and how it works. What a fabulous idea!

So far, Allie’s FB fundraiser is currently at $955 and she received $225 in cash plus around $100 in giftcards & a few items from the wish list!

When Allie learned how successful her event was – Allie was so excited & stated she didn’t understand why more kids don’t forego birthday gifts for donations to help homeless pets.