Sunday, Nov 24,2013

For the fifth year, GSROC adoptees and their families gathered together for a fun-filled day in honor of the wonderful dogs that we all love so much at gsROCTOBERFEST. More than 100 dogs and even more humans enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Mariner’s Park in Long Beach, where wonderful vendors shared an eclectic assortment of items and services to benefit dog lovers. Many guests commented at how impressive it was to see so many shepherds in one place, all behaving so well. We’re not sure who was prouder—the dogs, who were beaming, or the adopters who were eager to show off their canine family members. Our very special guest, Warren Eckstein, entertained and educated a captive crowd with his insights and expertise.A very special thanks to our volunteer team who coordinated a seamless event, as well as to Blake’s Place Catering, for the tantalizing feast. Be sure to mark your calendar for next “Roctober “so that you don’t miss out on this really great day!!!