Wednesday, Oct 11,2006

We are proud and relieved to say that the Kern County dog that we previously knew only as Number 76 is safe and sound in our care! If you recall, our volunteers first met this dog when we were rescuing several purebred shepherds from a horrible “collector” situation in Kern County. As our volunteer was removing Caesar from his pen, one of his pen-mates made a run for freedom. The dog literally wanted us to take him with us away from the horrors of the canine concentration camp. Our van was full and it devastated us to have to leave Number 76 behind after our first trip, but we returned to liberate him (and a few more prisoners) very soon after!

Number 76 is now known as Thorr, which may or may not have been his name. In addition to not keeping accurate medical records on the 112 dogs in his collection, the “owner” wasn’t entirely sure of the dogs’ names either–some dogs had no names, some dogs had two names, as in the case of Thorr who is also known as Tucker. We can’t figure it out, but we are completely