Tuesday, Sep 05,2006

While most people were hitting the road to the beach, the mountains, the river, or the malls for some rest and relaxation for the holiday, the three-day Labor Day weekend found the dedicated GSROC volunteers working harder than ever to find wonderful, loving families for our precious orphans. Giving up time with their own families (human and canine), the GSROC team members were busily arranging for dogs to meet and greet prospective adopters all over Southern California. Labor Day weekend is a prime opportunity for adopting families to have three days to work with their new family members to help them settle in before the adopters return to their work routines, so we wanted to make this time really count!

Through careful marketing, hours and hours of telephone and in-person interviews, lots of grooming and fluffing, and miles and miles of “road work” for home visits, we are proud to say that at least a dozen dogs will be sleeping happily in their new homes this weekend! Take a look at who has found the lov