Tuesday, Jan 20,2009

On January 10, a very pregnant momma dog that we rescued from a local shelter gave birth to 10 bouncing baby doggies. Sadly, the momma dog did not survive a very serious case of pneumonia that she had contracted during her time at the shelter. That left us with ten hungry mouths to feed and no relief in sight. Puppies this young must receive feedings every 2 hours in order to survive, and we were very worried that the puppies may have contracted an illness from their mother.

Enter the heroes of GSROC, who got right to work doing what needed to be done. Three brave volunteers each took several of the puppies and set their alarm clocks for the regular feedings. This meant that these devoted nannies had to get up at midnight, 2:00 am, 4:00 am, and 6:00 am, while still carrying on with their regular jobs and lives! Their hard work is paying off and the puppies are continuing to gain strength and weight. As of today, each of the pups is a full 1 pound— a landmark as now that means that the feedings can be stretched out to take place every 4 hours.

Below are some of the preliminary pictures of our babies during their first ‘weigh in’ at one of our vet offices. As you can see, the resident shepherds at the practice (adopted from GSROC of course) were very curious about and had to inspect the babies. We are tremendously grateful to the wonderful, sleep-deprived team of women who have made it possible for these orphans to survive in spite of the odds. Ladies, you ROC!