Tuesday, Apr 12,2011

Say so long to doggie and kitty breath! On Sunday, May 1, GSROC will feature the next in our series of Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Clinics, with a portion of all visits going to help our orphan shepherds. This technique does not require the dog or cat to be under anesthesia, making the experience much less stressful on both animal and owner, and dramatically reducing the cost. The service that would cost upward from $250 for traditional teeth cleaning is available at the special clinic price of $95.00 per animal. Anesthesia free dental cleaning is especially great for geriatric pets so that they don’t have to face the risks that come with going under anesthesia. Working with our partner,, GSROC has held many very successful dental clinics and we always receive rave reviews. We can offer our personal endorsements as we take our own beloved dogs and cats to this event, and we’re always delighted with the results.

Appointments fill up quickly because this is a great price and it’s a great opportunity to support our dogs. To schedule your appointment, contact Appointments can be made between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, with each cleaning requiring about 30 minutes. If you’ve never experienced this technique, here’s the perfect opportunity! We’re sure you’ll say, “Wow–why didn’t I do this years ago?”