Monday, Sep 25,2006

We’re excited to report that the cell phone drive is going well! So far, we have collected at least 6 dozen phones (we forgot to count before we sent them!) which filled 4 large boxes. These have all been shipped off to the recycling facility and we are waiting to hear how much we have earned to date. We’re delighted by the response to our request for support, and we want to keep the energy going! In true GSROC style, we want this fundraiser to be a HUGE success, so we need your help. Please drop by one of our events with your old cell phones, or contact us at and let us know where you are to see if we have a drop off spot in your area!

REMEMBER: We have been assured that the identity chip in all of the old phones is immediately shredded by the recycling company (by law) so you do not have to fear any security breach. There are several stages of the recycling process, and they verify at each stage that the identity information has been shredded. This is a very reputable company