Delightful Dolce!
Saturday, Oct 06,2012

Dolce is an energetic, spirited three-year-old female. Her creamy, caramel coat and copper-colored eyes, paired with her compact build, give Dolce a rather a fox-like appearance. This affectionate girl is GSROC’s longest term resident, and has been patiently waiting for her forever-home for two years. Dolce is a high-energy dog with an inquisitive mind, who will thrive in a family where she is kept active. As Dolce is quite agile and has a tendency to indulge her wanderlust when bored, she requires a yard with a 6 foot high or taller fence. It is apparent that Dolce suffered severe psychological trauma as a puppy, and as a result is extremely fearful of loud noises, traffic, and skateboards. This sweet girl is perfect for an experienced shepherd owner who is attentive to the needs of sensitive dogs and appreciates the challenge of helping a dog blossom. For more information about Dolce, click here