Wednesday, Sep 16,2009

A resourceful and compassionate Eagle Scout candidate, Drew Grendell saw a need and responded. He noticed that not all of our orphans had comfy cots to sleep on in their boarding kennels, and he set out to correct this. Drew chose to make custom beds for our shepherds as his final Eagle Scout community project. In order to qualify for the highest merit award available in scouting, Drew had to raise all of the funds for his project himself. He did this by collecting recyclables (lots and lots of them!) to raise enough money to buy the supplies necessary to build the beds. Careful to choose suitable and sturdy materials, Drew used a formal pattern to create each bed.

We couldn’t wait to see what our dogs thought of the new beds and watched with delight when Beauty hopped right on hers and started “nesting” in it. She gave it the true test before curling up and settling in like a queen on a throne! Sammi used her bed as a trampoline so she could see into her neighbor dog’s kennel a little easier, and Gypsy preferred to lounge on her bed as if she was sunning in a chaise on the Riviera. We are incredibly proud of Drew, not only for how professionally built the beds are, but for choosing to help homeless dogs as his special project. This young man is going to go far in the world! Drew, as we say in the organization, YOU ROC!