Friday, Oct 01,2010

We knew that Elisa has something special about her. We just didn’t know HOW special she was until she really got a chance to shine! Elisa was spotted by a scout for a detection training academy while she was at one of our adoption events. Elisa’s great disposition and incredible ball drive earned her an “audition” with Falco K9 Academy to become a detection dog. During her test, Elisa wowed everyone with her proficiency at finding hidden things—she even found a toy that had missing from the school for months, to everyone’s delight! Elisa is happy and enjoying her four-week training experience and from there, she will be matched with a civilian handler and live in a home with a family. Elisa’s mission is not to search out drugs or money or bombs, but instead to hunt for…..bed bugs! She will be visiting hotels, theaters and other public places as a private search dog to help protect the public! We are so proud of our little minx and so happy that she found a job that keeps her happy and busy! Big thanks to Falco K9 Academy for recognizing the hidden talent int his future superstar!