Sunday, Apr 25,2010

Expo 2010 was as big and bustling as ever. Mother Nature was kind to us, so we were neither in sweltering heat nor in pouring rain. The dogs were on their best behavior and very few cross woofs were spoken: They seemed as excited to be seen as the crowd was to see them! We had a large booth in the adoption area, where we drew a large crowd of animal lovers who wanted to admire how beautiful our dogs are. Many completed applications to adopt a dog, and we are in the process of following these up this week. Our merchandise booth was hopping throughout the entire show with German Shepherd enthusiasts shopping for themselves as well as for gifts for friends and family members. The top seller? The bumper sticker reading “My German Shepherd Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student”. It’s always a hit! A successful undertaking of this size requires a tremendous amount of coordination, enthusiasm, energy and commitment—all things that GSROC volunteers are well accustomed to. We got to make tons of new friends, and to visit with fellow rescuers. It was a great weekend for man and beast!