Sunday, Jan 09,2011

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, GSROC will be offering a low cost Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Clinic on Sunday, February 20. Dogs and cats of all sizes are welcomed. Anesthesia-free cleanings are much less stressful for animals, and especially effective for senior animals. Skilled animal dental technicians perform the cleanings with love, patience and precision. Working in partnership with and Tustana Animal Hospital, we are able to offer each cleaning for $95.00, with a percentage of this amount being donated to our rescue. Many of the GSROC volunteers have utilized this service for their own beloved pets and we are true believers! Our dogs come bouncing out after their appointments with big grins on their faces!

To schedule an appointment for your companion animal, please contact Mayra at Appointments are typically 20-30 minutes in length. We hope you will come out and support our fundraiser!