Fierce Flash!
Saturday, Jan 07,2012

Flash has seen so many other dogs come and go, yet still he is waiting for his special home with an experienced shepherd person. He is an athletic three-year old male who is a macho, headstrong guy. His classic sable markings are accented by a copper-toned face, which bears a permanent scar from a burn caused from wearing a muzzle that became imbedded in his skin. Flash requires a highly experienced owner who will be committed to rehabilitating this harshly abused, over-protective boy who has suffered much adversity. Flash also needs an environment with no small animals, as he has a powerful tracking instinct and high prey drive. However, Flash is extremely affectionate with people and has shown no aggression toward any humans. Flash is a stand out in his training program and he learns well under the guidance of calm, strong, and assertive leadership. The ideal home for Flash is in a rural environment with someone who is interested in having only one companion animal. In return, he will be your loyal friend and protector.

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