Thursday, Jan 31,2008

Some things are just worth waiting for, even if it seems like an unbearable wait. We’re excited and delighted to share that Justice, the victim of terrible abuse, is finally going to his forever home! Most of you have been following the story of Justice, the dog who was deliberately doused with a toxic chemical or acid. Over the past 18 months, he has become something of a ‘poster child’ to help end animal cruelty, having appeared on television news and at numerous community events, but a perfect home for his unique needs continued to elude us. Thankfully, Justice won’t be waiting much longer, as his family found him! Justice will be a treasured family member and have his very own boy named Michael to look after! When we met Michael and his family, we instantly knew that they were ‘the ones’! Everything we were hoping and dreaming of in a home for Justice was there–they were so perfect that it was eerie! As one volunteer described it, “Wow! If we had hand-designed a family for Justice, it would be THEM!”