Thursday, Jan 18,2007

Why is fostering a dog such an important component of our rescue efforts?

The magic of fostering helps us get to know a dog’s personality, evaluate their health, and teach them manners and a few basic commands – basically help them transform into a dog that noone can pass up for adoption. A dog living in a foster home will have a better chance of finding a permanent home in a shorter amount of time.

When a dog isn’t in a foster home, he or she is placed in one of the many boarding facilities we use throughout Orange County. While these locations provide safe shelters, they aren’t always the most ideal locations.

Depending on the schedules of volunteers, some dogs are only able to get out for a stretch a few times a week. Plus have you ever had to return a dog to a kennel after spending a day walking with them or spending the day with them at a rescue event. Trying to put a dog back in their kennel after a wonderful outing is a heart-breaking experience for both the dog and the volunteer.

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