Wednesday, Oct 05,2011

GSROC feels humbled and honored to be the recipient of the inaugural grant from the AJ Panda Bear Foundation, an organization created to memorialize two beautiful children, Jacob and Amanda, whose lives were cut tragically short.

As a living tribute to her children, mom Lisa Gonzales decided to celebrate what would have been Jacob’s 13th birthday by collecting gifts and donations to benefit our homeless dogs. Lisa asked her family, best friends and neighbors to help her in her mission, and the response was overwhelming. More than $1100 in treats, food, toys, joint supplements, beds, comfort products and collars and leashes were presented to GSROC on Saturday, October 1. Accompanying Lisa for the presentation was Coco the German Shepherd–Jacob and Amanda’s beloved companion.

According to Lisa, Jacob loved German Shepherds, and it was only natural that the AJ Panda Bear Foundation would honor him with a gift to his favorite breed of dogs. The organization drew its name from Amanda Panda (as her mom called her), and Jacob “Bear,” a favorite nickname for Jacob.

All of our shepherds, and the entire team of volunteers at German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County send our deepest gratitude and thoughts of comfort to Lisa and her family. This amazing gift will allow the beautiful spirits of Amanda and Jacob to live on in the light within each of our dog’s eyes. We promise to work very hard to ensure that Jacob and Amanda are smiling.