GSROC alumni will star in a TV Pilot about rescue dogs!
Monday, May 18,2020

BONED was created not only to entertain, but to raise awareness about animal rescue. 🐾🐾

So for our tv pilot we decided to feature real rescue dogs, including the amazing LOGAN, who plays a service dog which our leading lady TESSA hits with her car.

This 10 year old German Shepherd mix was rescued by the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County ( back in 2009 and is now in the loving home of Kathy and Tom Clark.

Everyone loves LOGAN. Known for being calm and gentle, he became a Therapy Dog.

He earned the AKC Therapy Dog Advanced and Excellent Titles and Therapy Dog International’s TDIAOV, TDIEVA awards, and was recently awarded AKC’s Therapy Dog Distinguished award for completion of 400 visits.

Thank you Kathy and Tom letting LOGAN be part of our show!