Sunday, Apr 13,2014

When news that Anaheim police K9 Bruno was being treated by our emergency vet hospital, GSROC volunteers decided to mobilize. Realizing that Bruno’s family and friends were very worried about him and exhausted from sleepless nights, GSROC volunteers and dogs decided to show support through a “pack walk” featuring 50 of our available dogs and adopted dogs. Among the dogs walking were Jacoby and Titan, two dogs who had just recently participate in the blood donor program at the hospital, meaning that our dogs had helped Bruno at his time of greatest need. Volunteers waved at passing cars, and the dogs marched proudly, as if they knew that they had been called upon for a special duty.

When we arrived at the vet hospital, we were met by many officers, including TJ, the beloved friend and handler of Bruno. There were also numerous city officials and representatives from the Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association there to cheer the dogs on. While we know that Bruno could not see the dozens of grinning shepherds just outside his room, we think that he must have felt the collective strength of his fellow shepherds pulling for him. We know that we put a much-needed smile on Bruno’s mommy’s face by demonstrating that GSROC has Bruno’s back!