Tuesday, Sep 19,2006

Recently, we were advised of a very sad situation that has arisen in Kern County. It involved a dog sanctuary that had been shut down by the County. The sanctuary had failed to meet the County’s requirements, but that left 112 dogs of all sizes and shapes with no where to go. Most of the dogs at this particular facility are seniors, making the situation all the more urgent. We were notified that there were at least 3 purebred shepherds in the group–possibly more–so we immediately made the commitment to take them in, sight unseen.

Two of our senior volunteers rose early on a Saturday morning and made the 3 hour drive to Kern County. After traveling for hours on paved roads, their route took them off the main highway on to a winding dirt road. For ten miles, they traveled along the road wondering what they had gotten themselves into…especially since they could see the huge, open trench of the San Andreas Fault running along the side of the road. Finally, they came upon a large, square compound i