Monday, Jul 12,2010

As part of our commitment to continuing our education and honing our skills, GSROC volunteers took time out of their personal lives to participate in a special 3-hour training seminar with well-known behaviorist Vladae “The Russian Dog Wizard”. Volunteers were instructed in the correct way to introduce dogs, the proper way to correct dogs, how to lead with authority, how to maximize each dog’s potential, and many more techniques for communicating effectively with the dogs in our care. We were instructed in how to “Correct, Redirect and Praise” dogs for positive results, and we were introduced to a short course on “doglish”—Vladae’s term for how a mother dog communicates with her offspring to ensure proper behavior within the pack. The session was captivating and thought-provoking, and volunteers were positively amazed by how quickly Vladae was able to train some of the more challenging dogs right before our eyes. In his signature style, Vladae educated while interjecting amusing analogies anecdotes to underscore key points. We all left the session with much better skills, as well as a profound understanding of how incredibly intelligent German Shepherd dogs are. Our heartfelt gratitude to Vladae and his team for helping us to prepare more shepherds for loving homes!