Saturday, Jan 25,2014

One of the community programs that GSROC is truly proud to support is our canine blood donor program with our partner hospital, Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. Each week, a GSROC dog is selected to become a blood donor for hospital dogs in need, as well as for police canines, should they become injured in the line of duty. GSROC dogs must meet health, weight and age criteria in order to be eligible for the program. From there, their blood is typed, just as human blood is typed, to ensure a proper match for the recipient dog.

Last week, Mojave had the honors of being selected as the donor dog. He is a big, strappin’, healthy young fellow with a lot of enthusiasm! Mojave was the model patient, however his blood type was not “universal” enough to be chosen for the program. The vets required a blood type that could give to all dogs, not one that could only give to certain dogs. Mojave didn’t qualify for the program.

But wait! There’s more! While he was hanging out at the hospital awaiting discharge, an injured Pomeranian was arriving as an emergency case. It had been hit by a car and was in serious condition. As if by divine design, Mojave’s blood type was an exact match for the injured Pom, so he rose to the challenge. Mojave’s strong, healthy blood was exactly what the Pom needed to survive! We are all so excited and proud that Mojave saved a life, despite not being selected for the program! He was definitely in the right place at the right time to do his duty!

Mojave is a great, athletic, curious and clever boy who is still awaiting adoption. Please come out to an upcoming adoption event to meet this canine hero!