Monday, Jun 13,2011

Our little girl with the frequent flyer miles has finally found a place to call her own. Beautiful Gypsy, originally rescued from Hong Kong and transported to the US by a GSROC volunteer, is settling into her new digs and learning how it feels to be loved! Gypsy has been a favorite of all the GSROC volunteers for many months, but she was constantly passed over by adopters who were looking for a dog with “less miles” on her…as a senior girl, Gypsy was having trouble competing with the younger, larger, more exuberant dogs. But this week, Gypsy’s dreams came true! Ruth spotted Gypsy from among the many eligible orphans for adoption, and instantly the two had a connection! From now on, Gypsy and Ruth will spend time working in the yard together, reading in the sunshine, and watching COPS on TV (Gypsy’s favorite show, of course!).

We are all so thrilled that our sweet Gypsy can finally rest her weary bones in a warm and cozy home with someone who will treasure her! Hurray for happy endings!