Harlowe Needs Her Luck To Change
Sunday, Mar 01,2009

This little spitfire is Harlowe, age 5 months. She doesn’t know it, but she very narrowly escaped death. Harlowe was born with a mal-functioning valve on her heart that was crushing her esophagus. Thanks to the compassion of our supporters, we were able to provide Harlowe with open heart surgery to correct the problem. Harlowe will always need to eat food that has a very soft consistency due to the prior damage to her esophagus. She needs a very dedicated adopter—perhaps someone in the healthcare field–who can ensure that she doesn’t eat things that she shouldn’t. This puppy is full of spirit and energy! She loves other dogs and loves to wrestle and tumble.

Please don’t pass Harlowe up simply because she needs a special diet! All of the other puppies are getting lots of interest, but everyone overlooks Harlowe because she requires special care. Harlowe deserves to know what it’s like to be loved. To learn more about Harlowe, please click