Monday, Nov 05,2007

Well, McDuff isn’t exactly a German Shepherd, but he WAS rescued by GSROC last year when we were called in to assist dogs that had been kept in unpeakable conditions by a “hoarder” (dog collector) in Kern County. After enduring some of his life in the prison-like compound of the dog hoarder, McDuff (Duffy to his friends) was rescued and brought to safety by GSROC. One of our wonderful volunteers who has a soft spot for herding breeds learned of Duffy’s plight and immediately welcomed him into her home.

As you can see, under Diane’s great care and guidance, Duffy has flourished! Just look at how proud he is after winning his second consecutive sheep herding competition title! Despite a long drive to the training facility, his devoted adopters take him regularly to compete so that he can show off his amazing talents. (We hate to say it, but Duffy is a better herder than some of his German Shepherds cousins, and he just loves to do his work!) Can you imagine that this gifted dog shared a small a coop-like cag