Saturday, Apr 07,2012

Hercules is an affectionate, seven-year-old male Chihuahua. With his caramel-colored coat, strip of white accent fur, and alert ears, Hercules looks like a handsome gentleman. Though diminutive in stature, this fourteen-pound boy has giant eyes and a heart to match. Hercules miraculously survived a horrible ordeal during which he was dragged (presumably by a car) and lost all the skin on his torso and lots of blood. Now almost fully recovered from this tragic accident, which nearly took his life, Hercules is eager to endeavor upon a new beginning this spring. Hercules is housebroken and will make the perfect pint-sized addition to any household, as he has an ideal disposition, enjoys large dogs, walks wonderfully on leash, rarely barks, and loves to cuddle. Hercules will make a great companion for anyone who wants a darling little snugglebug that is gentle and calm. For more information about Hercules, click here