Incredible Nickelby
Saturday, Sep 08,2012

Nickelby is an amazing three-year-old male with more than enough heart and soul to make up for his missing leg. This incredibly resilient boy suffered severe injuries after being hit by a car, as well as being attacked by another dog, or perhaps coyotes. Even though he has had to endure a harsh start in life, Nickelby has a sweet, loving, and gentle disposition and likes other friendly dogs. His multiple bite and impact wounds are healing nicely and he is recovering without any complications from having one of his back legs amputated. Spirit remarkably undiminished, once fully recuperated, Nickelby will be able to get around well on his three healthy legs. With the support of a loving home, this grateful boy will be able to live a happy, fulfilling life and enjoy most “normal” dog activities! For more information about Nickelby, click here