Jello Has A Beautiful Smile!
Tuesday, Dec 18,2007

Jello has had quite a journey on her way to her happily ever after home. She was rescued by some kind animal lovers in Hong Kong who watched in horror as she was tossed from a fishing boat to fend for herself. Jello’s guardian angels saw to it that she was safe and well cared for while she waited to make her trip to America—the Land of Opportunity! Thanks to the generosity of some anonymous donors, Jello traveled 14 hours from Hong Kong to Orange County in the hopes of finding a wonderful family to cherish her. If any dog deserves to be doted on, it’s this sweet 6 year old girl who has been through so much hardship.

Jello gets along well with male dogs her own size as long as she can be the boss. We do not recommend her for a home with smaller dogs or cats because she is a little ‘too’ interested. If she had her way, Jello would probably like to be your only canine companion so that she could hog all of the attention…and treats! Jello walks nicely on a leash and she loves to ride in the car. She is