Tuesday, Oct 16,2007

Jethro is a big-boned guy who has been waiting way too long to find his forever home. He is active and proud, with a big personality. He will do best in the hands of an experienced shepherd owner who can provide him with good leadership and patient guidance…things that Jethro did not get in his former life before coming to GSROC. We do not think he is the right dog for a family with children simply because he is too strong and boistrous and he doesn’t like a lot of new people coming and going. Jethro has been through basic obedience and knows his commands. He wants to be the only dog in the household, please, and he takes his responsibility of protecting his home very seriously. There is no doubt that you would feel safe with Jethro as your special guy!

With the help of our wonderful supporters, volunteers and adopters, we make so many miracles for our dogs every week….now we need to work together to find Jethro the fantastic home that he so richly deserves. If you can handle a lot of shepherd but enjo