Tuesday, Jul 03,2012

We jokingly say that Trevor P. has been volunteering ever since he was in the womb! His mom, Jennifer, has been with GSROC since its beginning, and she was working to find dogs homes right up into her 9th month of pregnancy! As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Trevor has grown to be an animal advocate in his own right. Last month, Trevor celebrated his 11th birthday in a very special way. In lieu of asking for birthday gifts for himself, Trevor gave all those invited to attend his party the GSROC Wish List and asked for gifts for GSROC orphan dogs.

More than 27 children attended Trevor’s party and brought treats, toys, water bowls, towels, shampoo, gift cards, leashes, collars, paper towels—all things that our rescue relies on to keep the wheels turning and to keep the dogs happy. Parents were so impressed by Trevor’s compassion that they sent gifts even if their kids couldn’t attend the party. We couldn’t believe how much great stuff he gathered! Each child went home with a small goody bag that included information about how their kindness was making a difference for homeless animals. We always knew that Trevor was a special guy and this just proves it once again. We know that he is destined to do many more great things for animals in the years ahead. Way to ROC it, Trevor!!! Thank you for being there for our dogs!