Juliet Is Looking For A Job!
Tuesday, Dec 01,2009

Juliet is an affectionate two-year-old girl. Her lush coat, alert eyes, and athletic build give Juliet a sporty appearance. Juliet adores people, but requires a home in which there are no small dogs. She is a high-energy shepherd who loves to play and wants to be queen of the world. Because Juliet is very much an alpha female with an absolutely brilliant mind, she needs an individual who will provide her with strong leadership and consistent direction, while at the same time giving her a sense of purpose via a “responsibility” to fulfill. Juliet would love to have an “important duty” such as: jogging companion, agility training ally, search and rescue partner, or just Best Friend. Juliet will thrive in a home where she knows that she has a job as a valued team member! For more information about Juliet click