Jupiter And Jeronimo!
Sunday, Mar 11,2012

Jupiter and Jeronimo are friendly, three-year-old boys. These sweet twins have striking white coats with lovely caramel accents, and exquisite copper-colored eyes. Jupiter and Jeronimo get along well with cats and have friendly, curious dispositions. As these brothers were left outside most of their lives, receiving minimal human interaction other than the dispensing of food and water, they are eager to become part of a loving family with whom they can bond. Since these boys are rough and tumble rowdies, they would do best in a home with older children, and require a home in which they will be the only dogs (where they will not be likely to encounter any small dogs). Jupiter and Jeronimo will thrive in a home where they will be given lots of attention and affection, with owners who will be dedicated to involving them in new activities. For more information about Jupiter and Jeronimo, click here