Thursday, Dec 28,2006

Justice’s story touched many hearts and shocked animal lovers all over the country. This sweet boy has recovered from his horrendous wounds and is anxious to get into his forever home. Justice is between 2 adn 3 years old and has the exuberance and energy of a puppy. He is a very strong boy who longs to bond with someone of his own. After all that he has endured, we hate to see him living in a cage because he deserves to have so much more.

Justice does not require ongoing medical care for his past wounds. He has begun basic obedience training and is responding well. Because of his strength and puppy clumsiness, we recommend him for a home without small children as he is likely to knock them over by accident. Justice would like to be the only dog to have your affections and no kitties, please. In return for your kindness and leadership, Justice will reward you with a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. To learn more about Justice, please click